The Kurram valley derives its name from the main river Kurram. In some of the book, it is not meant as Kurram valley but Kurram River. Like other various river of the NWFP, Kurram finds its mention in the holy book of the Hindus (Aryans).

    The Rig Veda and its valley must always have been one of the easiest and most used routes into india fir the great migrations, which took place between 4000 and 2000 B.C.

    The river is mentioned under the name of 'Karma'as one of the tributaries, which joins the Indus on its right bank.Even now the inhabitants of the Kurram Valley calls it 'kurma. As in other parts of the NWFP too, a number of Hindu names of mountain peaks and rivers exist to the present day, providing the undoubted occupation of the Country by early Hindu-Aryan immigrants Collin C.Davis, in his book, quotes a Chinese tourist and writes that in 5th and 7th century A.D a few Chinese tourists came to the upper Kurram valley and further writes that the left followers of Buddhism in the upper part of the Kurram valley.

    Zahiruddin Babar the Mughal emperor has mentioned this elaborate valley in his memories as the Bangash valley. Kurram valley is famous for its natural beauty. Especially in the upper Kurram there are a lot beautiful sceneries. High mountains bound it on all side. Tourist to the Kurram valley elaborate its beauty as' Just to stand in the midst of this country side in the hour after down can be an uplifting experience for those with the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the openness of spirits to accept the natural beauty of simplicity. The early morning scene thrust relentless warmth through the sharp Alpine air as the shadows of night lift from the fields of wheat, rice and artemesia. Due to its geographical importance, it has a unique position in the line of tribal areas. The Kurram Agency was declared, as Agency in 1892.It is a political Agency in the N.W.F.P.



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